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Profile of Keynote Speaker 2 5th ictmbe

DR Nor hazanas

Associate Professor Dr.Nor Hazana binti Abdullah
Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

Associate Professor Dr. Nor Hazana Abdullah had her Bsc. in Pscyhology from University of Indiana Bloomington, USA in 1996. Upon graduation, she embarked her career as a Human Resource Officer in-charged of  General Affairs at Sharp Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd. (SMM). One of her seminal contributions was introducing the Employee Assistance Program in SMM which  aimed to assist employees with their personal problems and/or work-related problems that may impact their job performance, mental and emotional well-being. The introduction of the program had witnessed a significant reduction of discplinary cases and absenteism. Realizing the strategic roles of human resource management to improve organizational performance, she obtained an executive

Diploma of Manufacturing Management with Japan Association of Manufacturing Analysis in 2001 to broaden her production know-how. She has received various oustanding performance awards for introducing production improvements such as the One Time Praying Project and the Line Company System. She then pursued her Master in Human Resource Department at UTM  in 2002. In year 2004, Sharp Corporation Japan introduced its own strategic management system called eS-SEM and she was appointed to manage the system for SMM. She had been promoted several times and had worked with SMM for 11 years.
Passionate about sharing knowledge and a keen researcher, she joined UTHM in 2007 and obtained her Ph.D. in 2010. She had hold several administration positions in UTHM including the department head, head of panel and head of lab. She was the original commitees in developing UTHM’s Tracer Study, Starting and Finishing School modules. In UTHM, she had received several awards including UTHM Alumni Special award and Khidmat Cemerlang. She was also accorded the best participant in Young Lecturer Innovative and Transformative Leadership Development Program organized by AKEPT (Malaysian Higher Education Leadership Academy). She attended various leadership and developmental training programs including the Strategic Leadership Training by Australian Institute of Management (AIM). She has supervised more than 60 students both at undergraduate and post graduate levels. Her eclectic approach to research, owing to a blend of industrial and academic experiences, enable her to secure various research grants amounted to more MYR500K. Her publications have also gained international interest with more than 100 citations to date. She teaches undergraduate and post graduate classes and commonly invited to deliver talks at companies on current HR trends in the industry. She also serves as editorial board of several reputable journals and currently the managing editor of Journal of Technology Management and Business (JTMB). Her research interests include leadership, organizational innovation, innovative work behavior, HRD and HRM.

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