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Profile of Keynote Speaker 2 4th ictmbe

Associate Professor Dr.Wan Fauziah bt Wan Yusof    
Center for Business and Entrepreneurship
Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

Dr. Wan Fauziah Wan Yusoff has completed her PhD on “Corporate Governance – Board of Directors in Malaysia” at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. Since returning to Malaysia in 2009, she has been actively involved in  entrepreneurship and business activity within and outside of UTHM. She has been chosen by the Ministry of Education as one of the candidates to pursue a Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship at Cambridge University. She has had more than 15 years of industrial experience, specifically in business development, before joining UTHM. Her duties included valuation project viabilities, supervising project implementation and rehabilitating problem projects. Apart from academic achievement, she also professionally trained to become a “Corporate Director” under the Women Directorship Programme, Ministry of Women and Social Development.

In terms of entrepreneurship and business development, she has made a number of contributions. At the university level, amongst her many accomplishments, she was the first Managing Director of UTHM Holding (A Wholly Owned Company of UTHM). As a new company, she initiated all administrative work and procedures for the company, and secured a number of projects for UTHM Holdings. Before she left the company in August 2006, she secured the first tender project from MARA amounting to RM 4.5 million.she has been appointed by UTHM as the “Business Advisor” of the company.

Dr. Wan Fauziah established the Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship (CBER) in 2013, and has led the Entrepreneurship Cap (IPMO) of UTHM since 2012. She also has been involved in many other committees at UTHM, specifically in relation to entrepreneurship and business development of the university.From an academic perspective, in 2012, she initiated the International Conference on Technology Management, Business and Entrepreneurship (ICTMBE).

She is also the Coordinator of the MBA programme; through her consistent effort and passion towards the programme, in May 2015, it was approved by the Ministry of Education and will be fully implemented in February 2016. She supervises 14 postgraduate students in the area of business and entrepreneurship. She is also actively involved in Research and Development, both locally and internationally. She led a number of research projects: one of which, called the “Smart oven”, has been granted IP protection and is in the process of commercialisation.

Dr. Wan Fauziah has actively participated in many academic conferences both locally and internationally. She has produced a number of journal articles and has been appointed as a member of the editorial board of many international journals.

She has also been involved in many entrepreneurship projects at both the community and national levels. She is a professional business trainer and coach for small business owners and managers, and helps them grow and develop their enterprises. She has practised in functional areas such as business models, business strategies and operations. She also has been invited to a number of entrepreneurial training programmes carried out by organisations to channel knowledge in various aspects of business aimed at developing viable and competitive Bumiputera entrepreneurs, particularly in SMEs.She has always believed that, through entrepreneurship development programmes, she can do more to develop young entrepreneurs and help society create a better life and a better world.

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